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The Beatles legend revealed on The Late Show that his old bandmate revisits him in his dreams.
There are a lot of stories about how the Beatles eventually came to break up, and Paul McCartney is well aware that he’s at the center of some of those theories. But in an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the ...
'Scrambled eggs / Oh my baby, how I love your legs / Not as much as I love scrambled eggs'
It’s been 54 years since The Beatles blessed us with “Yesterday,” and not a moment goes by that someone somewhere isn’t humming the melancholy melody. “Yesterday” was Paul McCartney’s baby, the product of a midnight eureka moment that went on to become ...
A New York gallery will be the first to exhibit rare pictures of the most photographed band in the world
On 25 June, 1967, performers representing 19 countries from around the world appeared on Our World, the first international television production broadcast by satellite. An estimated 400 million viewers watched the two-and-a-half hour program, which featured talent including Pablo Picasso and Maria ...
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