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This is Rihanna’s world. We’re just living in it.
A little over 15 years ago, a young nobody from Barbados became a breakout star practically overnight with the single “Pon de Replay.” The song shot to number two on the Billboard charts, a miraculous feat for a singer’s first single. And ...
Her eyes will sparkle. (It's all in the makeup.)
Home for the holidays is likely the worldwide theme of this year’s Christmas. In our case, we’ve been home for all of nine months and counting. And while many of the usual purchases have been on hold, luxury beauty products certainly are ...
A drop of La Prairie's Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir at night hints at supple skin the next morning.
Platinum.A most precious metal.It comes from a faraway corner of the universe and was brought to earth by a meteor shower 3.5 billion years ago.Intrigued by this rare, noble metal, scientists at La Prairie have been working with the dense, malleable element ...
Hot new makeup items to get for your significant other.
Switch up your typical date nights for something that will make every woman perpetually excited: makeup. While flowers and fancy meals are pleasurable, makeup has zero calories and lasts longer. So, why don’t you start the hunt with a global cosmetics brand ...
Master these pronunciations and you'll never think twice again.
Have you ever been engaged in a conversation about beauty products but stop yourself from blurting out a brand name because you're unsure of how it's pronounced? Well, with this guide to the trickiest names, you can gush confidently about that new ...
These holistic hubs will bring you a step closer to better health, and ultimately, a longer life.
Most of us are mandated to complete the annual physical examination or even the yearly executive checkup, but a growing number of experts and patients believe there are health issues that can't be solved by traditional medicine. This is why it is ...
In the wake of Celine's news about their soon-to-be-released perfume collection, we ask what makes the beauty world so attractive for brands to explore.
Earlier this week, French fashion house Celine teased its upcoming perfume collection, Haute Parfumerie. The news stirred much excitement within the beauty industry and Celine fans could barely hold still.One Instagram post reads, “The Celine Haute Parfumerie Collection recaptures Hedi Slimane's masculine-feminine stylistic ...
A few tips and tricks everyone—including their mother—should know.
There is no denying that classic Old Hollywood stars Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Sophia Loren have paved the way for the beauty industry today. Their bright red lipstick, fluttery eyes, and luminous skin have been on trend since these stars graced ...
We talk to some of our beauty-obsessed friends and brand managers to give us a peek into their beauty arsenal with their very own #shelfies.
Welcome to Town&Country's new beauty series, The Beauty Altar, where we feature the makeup and skincare closets of our readers and friends. Mom of three, Grace is known as @thespoiledmummy on Instagram, based on her lifestyle blog She is also an entrepreneur, ...
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