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Because he has arrived, we would like to know him better.
A few months ago, during the Age of Normal Times, we didn’t know who Hyun Bin was. And then the world changed, and we were stuck with our Significant Others all day, and they wanted to watch this show called Crash Landing on ...
Filpino tycoons Manny Pangilinan and Ben Chan tease the Korean superstar as their new endorser.
Men, brace yourselves. We’re about to see a whole lot more of Hyun Bin, the Korean superstar who we now know because our wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers marathoned Crash Landing on You in three days and wouldn’t stop talking about why we ...
Bench and CCP reunite for the second edition of Terno Con to further its objective of preserving the authenticity of one of the country’s most distinctive ensembles.
Filipiniana attire isn’t worn on a daily basis. If it were the norm, the term wouldn't exist at all. We usually reserve our Filipiniana attires, such as the terno, for formal events. Thus, the beautiful ensemble of what is usually made with ...
Clark Freeport Zone has emerged as the second most active property market in the Philippines, after Metro Manila.
Suyen Corporation, the company behind Philippine retail brand Bench and many other fashion and lifestyle brands, is expanding its push into real estate.Headed by Ben Chan, its chairman and CEO, Suyen signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Global Gateway Development Corp. ...
Do you remember them?
Retail is not as simple as it once was. Whereas in the past, you could getaway with simply selling printed T-shirts at the mall, fashion is now ultimately a battle of ideas.In recent years, the local hyper-consumerist culture and the Internet has ...
Bench’s heir apparent talks about the company’s Japanese food concepts Maisen, Pablo, among others, and why he is fascinated with the idea of the intangible.
The word scion doesn't seem fitting for a man like Bryan Lim, although he very much is one by definition. The attribute just seems too stuffy, and stuffy he is definitely not. As heir apparent to the Suyen Corporation, the company that his ...
Don't skimp on a new haircut for 2017. Go to Bench Barbers instead.
A trip to the barber’s isn’t simply about getting a trim; it’s also about feeling as awesome as you look. Filipino-American hair stylist Mark Bustos, known for giving free haircuts to New York’s homeless—proving you don’t need to swivel in a barber’s ...
A concise history of the retail master's journey and a list of all his favorites.
Without exaggeration, it can be said that Ben Chan has influenced countless Filipinos in terms of how they regard local brands. For a generation that grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, when the so-called “colonial mentality”—where everything from abroad was instantly ...
The New York-based Filipino designer talks to us about his accomplished career, his recent collaboration with Bench, and truths about fashion.
It’s hard to be everything to everybody. I certainly can’t afford to produce all of it. So I think with handbags, it was easier for me from a branding point-of-view to take a stance and be like: Okay, this is what I ...
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