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The Philippines nabs a few top spots, too!
By many accounts, 2017 was the year when women’s issues took center stage, and it looks like this was reflected in Pornhub’s top trending searches. After all, the number of queries involving “Porn for Women” increased by a whopping 1400%, showing that ...
2017 has been a year of triumphs, defeats, tragedy, and hope.
Sometimes, we lose our faith in humanity because we are surrounded by so much cruelty. Yet many times, that faith is restored. From the silly and tragic to the happy and triumphant, we summarize this eventful year with the best images that shaped 2017.The ...
Let's kiss and make up.
On any given year, Esquire Philippines puts out some very controversial content. We stick our necks out, and sometimes we get clotheslined. This was perhaps more true than ever before in 2017, when our switch to the digital realm meant a longer reach ...
Whatever your platform, here are a few more reasons to keep on playing in the coming year
No matter what we were running from (we have a guess), 2017 made escapism a worthy investment. And from Nintendo taking classic franchises to new heights on the Switch to Microsoft delivering us the most powerful gaming system of all time, it ...
It wasn't all miserable. There were moments of joy, compassion, delicious irony, and delightful weirdness.
Can you believe this year was only 365 days long? 2017 was a real non-stop gut-punch of a year: cruel, dispiriting, petty, violent, and callous. Our heroes died, our enemies seized power, and then our heroes who weren't dead turned out to ...
These films offer viewers incisive windows into other lives and worlds, as well as complex issues both big and small.
Alongside the standout dramas, comedies and action-adventure blockbusters, a crop of superlative non-fiction films have helped turn 2017 into an exceptional year for cinema. Whether focusing on everyday citizens struggling with universal dilemmas, brave exiles battling injustice, or unique artists grappling with ...
The greatest movies you've barely heard of.
2017 has been a corker for cinema, with the likes of Dunkirk, Blade Runner 2049, Wonder Woman, Thor: Ragnarok, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi knocking it out of the park. But there were also plenty of absolute gems that fell under ...
Ugly Sneakers, open collars, retro athleisure, and more
Your closet knows it, and so does your wallet. It's been a big year for men's fashion and you're looking better than ever. Every style leaning is well-represented with better options from the runways, streetwear brands, high-street stores, high-low collabs (Supreme x ...
If your friends were MIA at any point this year, these games are probably the reason why.
What a busy year 2017 was for gamers. After the introduction of new gaming hardware—such as new CPUs from Intel and AMD, new video cards, and the amazing Nintendo Switch hybrid gaming system—the focus has turned to software. What are the games that kept ...
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