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A hotel in Subic organized the first Fun, Ride, Bike cycling event in Subic since the pandemic.
Subic easily comes to mind when one thinks of outdoor sports like cycling or triathlon. Over the years, the former U.S. Navy base has gained popularity among sports enthusiasts, particularly among cyclists, for its beautiful landscapes and smooth, paved, and relatively low-traffic ...
It's a Dior x Bogarde BMX bike.
We recently spotted art influencer and businessman Bigboy Cheng posting a photo of himself riding a very cool Dior x Bogarde BMX bike on his social media page. The collaboration between the fashion house and the bicycle manufacturer is limited to 150 pieces and it ...
The bike shop owners decided to give it to him as a gift.
Here’s some good news if you’re exhausted from all the bad news going around social media these days. A bike shop owner decided to make an old man’s dream come true when she gave him a brand new bicycle for free.In a post ...
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