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Get to Know MaryKay Loss Carlson.
A career diplomat who has been a foreign service officer for nearly 30 years might just be the next American ambassador to the Philippines. U.S. President Joe Biden has nominated MaryKay Carlson to the position, succeeding former Ambassador Sung Kim, who completed ...
It's not just about offering people safe harbor or being better than Trump.
Joe Biden was always going to look like water in the Sahara after four years of stumbling amid the dunes, and the remit for people tasked with monitoring the current administration is to make sure it's not all a mirage. The political ...
Are we ready for another four years of Trump’s America?
The elections in the United States is here. Most Filipinos would argue we have our own problems to deal with here at home, but should we be concerned about the outcome of these upcoming polls? Is the U.S., and the rest of ...
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