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It's been a decade since the two cultural titans worked together.
Quite the time to be alive. How can we forget the last time fashion powerhouse Louis Vuitton and all-world contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama collaborated? We were treated to a seismic spectacle back in 2012, led by LV creative director Marc Jacobs: the ...
His painting won in the event that had over 1,000 other pieces from all over the world. 
There are those who pursue art for the sake of self-expression—the ones who simply cannot help but put into crafted visuals the thoughts that swarm in their heads. Any sort of recognition is just icing on the cake. Still, winning an award ...
"The city is on its knees," the mayor says.
If you were thinking of visiting the Italian city of Venice any time soon, you better have your flights rebooked. Best known for its scenic canals and gondola rides, 85 percent of the historic city experienced severe flooding on Tuesday night, according ...
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