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At a time when billionaires are widely resented, here's proof some still want to do good.
Netflix has enjoyed recent documentary success with their retelling of the Fyre festival disaster, the journey of five insurgent female political candidates in the lead up to the mid-term elections in Knock Down The House, and doping scandal study Icarus, which went on to win ...
With the demand for luxury goods currently exploding in China, the mogul has now become the third-ever centibillionaire in history.
Bernard Arnault, CEO and chairman of LVMH—the group of companies that owns Louis Vuitton, Moet and Chandon, and Hennessy, among many other luxury brands—has surpassed Bill Gates as the world’s second-wealthiest individual. Arnault’s net worth as of writing is at $107.6 billion, ...
He seems quite chilled about it now, though.
You'd assume that being worth $103 billion (£80.8 billion) would mean that all of the niggling professional regrets that you otherwise carry around with you would be sandblasted away.Apparently not, though. Bill Gates is still fairly upset about his "greatest mistake ever", ...
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