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The actress claims her agreement ensured the film would release exclusively in theaters.
By most accounts, Marvel's Black Widow was another success for the studio that makes roughly 80 percent of all media nowadays. (Don't trust us on our math.) We saw a villain twist for the ages, the return of JLD, and a Hawkeye tease that still has us reeling.Why do ...
We haven't got long to wait for Scarlett Johansson's oft-delayed superhero epic.
If superheroes really existed, then 2020 might have been a good point to make themselves known. The year was just begging for a lycra-suited being with extra-special powers to swoop in and save us from a humanitarian disaster - Corona even sounds ...
The long-awaited origin story of Natasha Romanoff introduces Iron Maiden, Yelena Belova, and Hopper as the Red Guardian.
After years of waiting, Black Widow fans are finally getting the standalone film that they’ve been hoping for—a solo origin story for Natasha Romanoff, the Russian spy-turned-Avenger. When the first trailer for the upcoming 2020 film dropped on Tuesday morning, a whole ...
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