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It grabs your attention and never lets it go, forcing you to look at war’s ugliest side. 
War is never pretty. It is brutal, costly, and only advances the interests of men in power who care little for the lives of the soldiers they send into battle. Sam Mendes’ latest wartime epic 1917 points the lens toward a pair of soldiers, Lance ...
Where would be without Ridley Scott’s sci-fi opus?
Yes, Blade Runner 2049 tanked in the US box office over its opening weekend. We don’t imagine that its Philippines numbers are any more uplifting. Of course that doesn’t mean it isn’t a magnificent work of cinema; in our eyes, it is.It’s ...
A spoiler-free review.
Between its premiere in 1982 and the final cut in 2007, eight different versions of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner have been released—which perfectly illustrates the embattled existence of what is otherwise one of the greatest sci-fi films ever. It was originally shown in theaters ...
The last of three prequels to Blade Runner 2049 will be an anime by the director of Cowboy Bebop.
Take a second to realize that somehow, at 75 years old, Harrison Ford is gaining his second (or perhaps even his third) wind as a pop culture icon. Over the past few years, Ford has reprised all of his iconic roles: Indiana ...
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