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Listen to his wandering, poetic, and critical Nobel Lecture.
For half a century people have tried to make sense of Bob Dylan's mind. His songs, his behavior, his persona, his ideas, and stories have been analyzed by the greatest thinkers in music, culture, and literature. But only Bob Dylan knows the ...
When he skips life-altering prestigious events, he does it in style.
There has been plenty of controversy surrounding Bob Dylan and his lack of fucks about his Nobel Prize. However, when he skips unbelievably prestigious award events, he does so in style—with Patti Smith.Dylan, the first musician to win the Nobel literature award ...
Well, f*ck.
Bob Dylan has made it very clear that he doesn't really give fuck about his Nobel Prize in Literature. Sure, it's one of the most prestigious awards on the planet that would place him among the likes of Toni Morrison, Samuel Beckett, ...
"The news about the Nobel Prize left me speechless." Literally, apparently.
Finally, over two weeks after winning the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature, Bob Dylan has finally acknowledged that he won one of the most prestigious awards humanly possible.In a statement posted on the Nobel's official site, Bob Dylan told the academy's permanent ...
Time to rescue the Nobel Laureate from your parents' dusty vinyl collection. It'll do the world some good.
Last Thursday, October 13th, the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to a scraggly-haired old fart (we mean that in the most affectionate way, naturally) born Robert Allen Zimmerman (known to many, including all his legal documentation, as Bob Dylan, because that's just ...
No songwriter has reached or inspired more people by elevating music to literary heights.
On Friday night, BOB DYLAN closed out his set at Desert Trip with the 1963 song "Masters of War," one of the most potent songs of his "protest" era. Given the state of world affairs and the painfully frightening candidacy of the Republican ...
Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize for Literature. We've assembled a Spotify playlist to celebrate and get drunk to.
Who is the Nobel Laureate for Literature this year? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.When the British-based betting and gambling company Ladbrokes released the odds for this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature, Bob Dylan wasn’t even on their list. ...
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