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They’ve been there for over 100 years.
Fort Bonifacio is the epitome of modernity. This busy megacity, touted as the Philippines’ next business capital, is home not only to multinationals and embassies, but also trendy clubs, restaurants, and glamorous boutiques. It is poised to grow even further, thanks to ...
Elbert's Upstairs Bar doesn't aim to impress as much as it aims to please, and that alone is impressive.
There is certainly no dearth of bars in BGC, but Elbert Cuenca’s new speakeasy offers something that isn’t common in the midst of The Fort ‘s constant hustle: a calm and stylish lounge that serves honest-to-goodness cocktails. A bonus: They won’t cost ...
The ace chef has a new 10-seater space that's more chill than stuffy.
The Plaza at Arya Residences is a great place to open a restaurant. It’s breezy, there’s underground parking, and it’s away from the maddening crowds. But somehow it hasn’t quite caught on yet, which is why it looks like they’ve hedged their ...
It’s the next best thing to flying to the Big Apple to get your cupcake fix
When Magnolia Bakery opened in Manhattan’s West Village in 1996, it was perhaps just another in the dozens, perhaps even hundreds of pastry shops in New York City. But somehow, the little bakery must have done something right because today, just over ...
Local artists are featured in this global culinary phenomenon.
Before the second branch of Din Tai Fung opened to the public, The Moment Group launched a promo awarding the first person in line P12,000 worth of gift certificates. The winner's name is Enzo and he lined up for 28 hours, all for a golden ticket ...
The concept feels slightly hokey, but the food and drinks are stellar and, because we can't help ourselves, so is the poke.
The theme was a mix-and-match right from the get-go, taking its cue from Japan's dance-hall craze where DJs marry hip hop and reggae to amp up the local bar scene. This particular crossover is consistent throughout Papa Loa—from the Japanese imagery to the Caribbean ...
Guess who's back for 2nd's? Plus Lee Watson has a cool new apothecary-themed cocktail bar.
Let’s go back in time. Back to when more creative local dining concepts were few and far between. Let’s go back to December 26, 2010—when a hidden restaurant gem called 2nd's quietly opened its doors and introduced Filipino diners to indulgent, unapologetic comfort ...
The opening of one of the country's most anticipated restaurants gives us an excuse to enjoy breakfast every day, all-day.
The first question we had to ask was "Why?" There are plenty of pancakes in Metro Manila and there are surely more than enough casual family restaurants to go around. The Bistro Group, in fact, is responsible for most of the latter in the ...
Desiderata Lounge is a fresh deviation from the noise and haze of the current nightlife scene
If you’re up to your ears in the bass-thumping, mindless drinking club scene that’s dominated Metro Manila’s nightlife for the past several years, take heart: Desiderata Lounge in Bonifacio Global City will restore your faith and have you grabbing your coat to ...
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