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Here’s a possible theory explaining the unpleasant mix of books and bowels.
When you enter a bookstore, how do you usually feel? Think about it for a minute, we won’t judge. Nothing? Well, picture this: you’re walking through the fiction aisles browsing for your next great read. But you stop dead in your tracks as you’ve ...
The artist talks about his preference for large-scale canvases and the common imagery you'll find in his pieces.
Rodel Tapaya teases that his paintings are commonly done on a large canvas because of his height. Jokes aside, the contemporary artist pours his deepest thoughts into his works, and there could be a substantial explanation to every minute detail that makes ...
There's more to it than meets the eye, though.
Burnt rice isn't what you'd typically expect to see at a premier art exhibition like Art Fair Philippines. But that's exactly what Visayan media artist Manny Montelibano is showcasing for art gallery 1335Mabini's exhibition space.The piece, "Dukot Survival," is priced at P90,000, ...
Here's a look at what you must see at Art Fair Philippines 2020.
Art Fair Philippines is officially in full swing in the city. This year, on its eighth edition, the premier art exhibition is even more dedicated to its mission of expanding the audience for Philippine contemporary art. There's plenty to see with all the new ...
For this year's edition of Art Fair Philippines, the Sol LeWitt Estate has generously loaned for exhibition two wall drawings.
In 1967, the American artist Sol LeWitt published "Paragraphs on Conceptual Art" in Artforum to define what was discussed among artists but not clearly articulated, thus laying down the parameters for conceptualism. At a time when artists were throwing out traditional artistic ...
Roel's Bookshop is probably Maginhawa's best-kept secret.
Let us set the scene: It is 6:00 p.m. on a Thursday night and Metro Manila is alive—as it always is. The usual rush hour means people everywhere are hurrying to get elsewhere, but as you walk along the busy street of ...
The collective talks about its upcoming curated space, art mediums, and more.
More and more are turning to photo and video as art mediums. As a celebration of both art forms, Art Fair Philippines is amping up its photography and film sections this year. The sections will focus on photography and video as contemporary ...
Paintings and sculptures—presented in an immersive and engaging way.
The newest art show in town has just opened. ALT Philippines 2020, the brainchild of 10 of the city's leading galleries, promises to create 'new ways of presenting and experiencing art' and that's exactly what it delivered. From established to up-and-coming artists, ...
It was an endeavor that was close to her heart.
In a heartbreaking turn of events, Elizabeth Yu Gokongwei, the wife of JG Summit Holdings Inc. founder and chairman emeritus John Gokongwei Jr., passed away on November 16, exactly a week after her husband’s death. She was 85.In light of her passing, ...
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