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It's meant to send a poignant message.
While driving on EDSA for the first time in months, my friend pointed to a huge monument being erected in front of SM Megamall. “It looks like Valak,” he said. “It looks like the Nazguls from the Lord of the Rings,” I countered. “Why is ...
‘Wing of the Locust’ is a tale about a young mambabarang. 
“Tuan escapes his mundane and mediocre existence when he is apprenticed to Muhen, a charming barangay wiseman. But as he delves deeper into the craft of a mambabarang, and its applications in espionage, sabotage, and assassination, the young apprentice is overcome by ...
The introvert creator describes his work as his 'sanctuary.'
Eman San Andres is an introvert. That’s why, when his creations went viral the past week, he was shocked. San Andres is the brains behind the Kalsada Heroes digital art series, which includes 11 characters such as Mamang Sorbetero and Magtataho.When asked ...
Created by renowned painters Justiniano Asuncion and Jose Honorato Lozano, they were popular souvenirs for tourists in Manila.
While we work from home in our well-worn t-shirts and shorts, these 19th century postcards or tipos del pais show that our ancestors were considerably more stylish. The phrase tipos del pais roughly translates to “people of the country,” and works of ...
Surprisingly, invisible art is nothing new.
Remember back in June when Italian artist Salvatore Garau made headlines for an invisible sculpture that sold for $18,300 on auction? And, by invisible, the piece was literally made out of nothing. It was wild. Well, just when we thought things couldn't ...
The author and his fans are now campaigning for a Disney adaptation of the popular books.
“Bring the thunder, Alagaesians!” tweeted Christopher Paolini, author of the Eragon book series.“Alagaesia” is a word fantasy readers haven’t heard for well over a decade, not since Inheritance, the last book in Paolini’s The Inheritance Cycle series, was released. For most of ...
It's opening on June 30!
When news broke that the annual Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is still pushing through this 2021, shares and likes went by thousands—showing how much excited we all are about another opportunity to purchase more low-cost but high-quality books (that we may or may not read in ...
UST has never looked this cool.
There’s just something about pixel art that makes it an instant crowd favorite. Maybe it’s the nostalgia from seeing images rendered in the style of our childhood games, or how this particular style can make absolutely anything look cute. And artist AdroitCell is ...
A baby boomer and millennial discuss generational differences in the new book, OK Boomer, Tell Me Y.
Pride Month is in full swing, and it's likely the issue of LGBTQ+ rights may pop up during family meals. And while society's understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity has evolved over the years, it's still a contentious topic for many ...
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