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The author says fans can be "vicious"
Procrastinators, boss-havers, degenerate undergraduates, lend me your ears. Have you ever added surplus spaces on an essay to meet a minimum page requirement? Sneakily increased the font size on periods to pad your page count? Claimed to be working toward a deadline ...
Just how often do online trolls have Bible quotes in their bio? 
The Bible is a funny thing. For all the lessons and wisdom found in scripture, humans still manage to twist the words to fit their own narratives. It’s the transition from written to spoken word when meanings get lost in translation, and ...
Martin confirmed that the 'The Winds of Winter' will conclude in a "somewhat different direction" than the HBO show.
Every writer knows that talking about writing is the next best thing to writing. If you can’t write, but you jawed about your book, then you basically did your writing for the day, right? Nobody is better at this high-wire act than ...
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