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Based on Instagram posts.
Few things are as personal and as intimate as getting a tattoo. To have symbols or words permanently etched into your skin takes a certain level of comfort and commitment, and clearly, whatever that is holds significant meaning, enough to carry it ...
More Filipino flavors Down Under.
The pandemic may have seriously hurt many businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs), but there are those who continue to push forward and trying to find ways to scale despite the challenges. Many industries are slowly trying to get back on ...
Yes, there’s an actual correct way.
Pronouncing fancy car names the right way isn’t just for car lovers—much like learning how to say alcohol brands isn’t limited to raging alcoholics. Whether or not you’re a car enthusiast, knowing how to properly enunciate different car brands is not too bad a ...
Seven of the cleverest hoaxes that broke the internet.
Come and behold the marvelous spectacle! Majestic lions bathing in the moat of the Tower of London! A crowd of naive victims fell for these rumors and turned up excited to see the lions but were disappointed to find out it was ...
Can you guess which iconic brand started as an apothecary?
Welcome to August, Town&Country's Beauty Month.In the beauty world, people seek the fountain of youth. But when it comes to the business of beauty, the number of years a brand has been around gives it a longer heritage, and also an advantage ...
The SSI Group holds over 100 brands we all know.
On June 5 at Shangri-La at the Fort, Stores Specialists Inc. kicked off its 30th year as the country's leading retail and lifestyle curator. To mark the occasion, we take a look back at some of its milestones.With the backing of the ...
Prince Charles, Prince Williams, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kate Moss use fragrances by Penhaligon's.
Many will agree that a century is more than enough time for a brand to build its legacy.Penhaligon’s, a favorite among past and present kings and queens, is steeped in its own colorful history. The scent continues to enrich this legacy by ...
Out of the 800 plus brands with royal warrants, these ones are available in the Philippines.
For centuries, members of the royal family have been granting royal warrants to certain businesses. A royal warrants means a tradesman has been appointed to supply the royal grantor with goods. Warrant holders have since been held in high regard, since their ...
Google finally overtakes Apple as the most valuable. Plus, a surprise brand takes the top spot as the most powerful for 2017.
If we asked you to name the world’s most powerful brands, you may likely mention some of the companies lined up in Silicon Valley and answered with big names like Google or Microsoft. But would you have guessed that this year’s most ...
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