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The company will initially open 4 branches of Babot's Panaderya in Metro Manila.
Listed Fruitas Holding Inc. is seeking to get into the bread business by opening its own community bakery or panaderya. The company will initially offer freshly baked pan de sal and other bread products in its community stores and plans to expand ...
Both Baker & Cook and Plank Sourdough Pizza will start baking tomorrow, January 11.
Three years ago, Kiwi baker-entrepreneur Dean Brettschneider came to Manila and felt the baking scene wasn’t ready for him yet. His apprehension wasn’t contingent on hype and demand, which he had in excess, but on timing. In the season of his visit, ...
The Philippines' chronicler of breads looks back on traditional baking techniques that shaped local bakes of today.
The panaderia at its finest produced breads of which childhood food memories were made. Those were the days before store-bought loaves and fancy boulangeries. Perhaps that is why conversations about bread always turn nostalgic when people talk about childhood favorites.A crusty pan ...
A legitimate handcrafted experience in this Poblacion cafe.
The first thing Ginny de Guzman, co-owner of Tilde Hand Craft Café, offers us was a glass of homemade cream soda, replete with bubbles floating just above the brim. The thick and fizzy concoction was inspired by the soda fountains from her ...
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