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The return of the Top Time (Geiger counter not included).
Breitling has had a stellar run over the last few years. It has reinvented its core collections, transformed its shops into loft-style showrooms and cherry-picked classic pieces from its back catalog, reissuing them in fastidious detail. In 2020 it has already released ...
The actor collects planes and helicopters, so of course he wears a Breitling Aerospace.
Harrison Ford's filmography features enough aircraft to mount an airshow. There's Han's beloved Millennium Falcon in Star Wars, of course. And Air Force One in, er, Air Force One. In the first Indiana Jones film he fights Nazis on the wings of one plane; in the ...
Created in tribute to the RAF's aerobatic team, it's a taste of the sky even for those of us on the ground
Every watch brand has a pilot watch. Not many appear on the wrists of actual pilots. Breitling, however, does both better than almost anyone else.For those of us who only ever take to the skies with a bloody mary in hand, Breitling ...
The wristwear that's already clocked a gong for awards season.
Adam Driver is gunning for a gong. He laughs and cries and calls for his ex-wife's death in Noam Baumbach's Marriage Story. He even breaks into song two-thirds of the way through. But, even if this tale of abject woe doesn't quite take ...
Take a look at Breitling's blockbuster timepiece.
Brad Pitt's turn in Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood sees a washed-up stuntman down on his luck. But although Cliff Booth's halcyon days are seemingly over, they're alive and well in the form of Pitt's watch, a piece plucked straight from ...
A true watch fan will be able to tell the timepiece you’re wearing (and measure your net worth) with little more than a passing glance at your wrist. Here is a rundown of the telltale giveaways that distinguish an essential watch from the pack.
After a few drinks at a 50th Anniversary Homecoming Reunion (you know how we love those), a man who was easily 20 years younger suddenly trailed off midsentence as he fixed a stare at my left wrist. I thought he was just ...
Because you can never have too many tickers in your collection.
Every man—no matter how simple or powerful—has exactly 24 hours in every day of his life, but how many have a face to wear on their wrist for each hour? Are there actually 24 watches that are worth wearing in this world? ...
Technical luxury takes flight with the Breitling Exospace B55 Connected.
Jetsetter must-have brand Breitling recently raised the maximum altitude of the 21st century luxury watch by launching the Breitling Exospace B55 Connected, the exalted brand’s first timepiece tailor-made for aviation professionals. The launch, held at the Breitling Boutique at the Palais Renaissance ...
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