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Bremont marks 60 years of Jaguar's E-Type.
If you're a watch brand looking to do a tie-in with a car, then choosing what Enzo Ferrari called “the most beautiful car ever made” isn't a bad place to start.Enzo's favorite car wasn’t a Ferrari. It was the Jaguar E-Type – ...
Plus, the case will patina beautifully over time, making it entirely your own.
British watchmaker Bremont has long had an enthusiastic following amongst military pilots for its flight-inspired watches. Since 2002, brothers Nick and Giles English, keen pilots themselves, have worked hard to foster ever-stronger links with both private military customers and official bodies. Bremont's ...
And there's no risk of symbiote infection, either!
Tom Hardy's latest role as Marvel's ill-fated, not-at-all-nosy journalist Eddie Brock is set for greatness.Blame stellar casting, a dedicated fandom, and a trailer that's downright terrifying. But we can also thank the wristwear, and it's something you can steal straight from Venom. The ...
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