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Yano's Dong Abay features as vocalist.
Fans of hard rocking Pinoy band Razorback might want to check out its latest song which was released on Tuesday, May 7. It’s special for two reasons: folk rock icon Dong Aboy features on vocals and it’s the last song the band ...
A friend and fan remembers the late, great musician
I thought it was a cruel joke.At around 11:00 am on Wednesday, January 16, 2019, news about Brian Velasco's death by his own hand started spreading like wildfire across social media. I don't need to talk at length about what an incredible drummer ...
The musician will be sorely missed.
Brian Velasco’s life story is inextricably linked to music. While he played for other rock outfits like Brain Salad and DRT, he is perhaps best known to people as the drummer of one of the country’s most iconic hard rock bands, Razorback. After ...
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