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The popular sushi house is back and better than ever.
Before Mecha Uma and Ooma, Chef Bruce Ricketts was flexing his faultless sense of taste at a tiny omakase shop called Sensei Sushi. That was in November 2011. Now, he has built a new home on 181 Aguirre Ave, BF Homes, Parañaque, just down the street from where ...
There were no eggs in sight at the La Chinesca x Singleton crossover.
La Chinesca’s Bruce Ricketts and wife Jae Pickrell invited us to an unconventional food and cocktail pairing for Sunday brunch. Let’s just say there was absolutely no egg in sight.“We apologize for keeping you away from your families this Sunday afternoon,” the ...
La Chinesca is a compelling reason to brave Southbound traffic.
Chef Bruce Ricketts may have risen the ranks from unassuming talent to culinary prodigy through his quaint Japanese degustacion, Sensei Sushi, and then through his subsequent forays into modern Asian cuisine, but his first love is and will always be Mexican food. Whether ...
Kudos to chef-of-the-moment Bruce Ricketts and The Moment Group!
Bruce Ricketts' modern Japanese playground Mecha Uma has been counted as one of the "six trending restaurants to visit in Australasia and Southeast Asia." The list was published yesterday, November 7, at the World's 50 Best Restaurants website. According to the feature, all six ...
If you're sick of your rib eye, maybe you can try a rib cap.
Evolution is a strange process. No matter what path you’ve set for yourself, the many instances of life can, at any given moment, send you on a whirlwind of tangents and unexpected destinations. These changes forge the characteristics that make us who ...
Manila's dining scene redefines this confusing qualifier
I still distinctly remember my first encounter with the OG of “fusion” food trucks, Los Angeles-based Kogi BBQ truck. Korean-American chef Roy Choi introduced Southern Californians to the surprising but wonderful marriage of Korean and Mexican cuisine, and one summer night in ...
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