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Will this forgotten victim of COVID-19 ever return?
Of all the predictions on how life will “never be the same again”, there has been little outcry or consideration for the buffet. The prognosis isn’t good for a system in which a gang of strangers throng around countless communal and uncovered ...
It’s quite a steal.
*UPDATED with new information for hotel guests*After quarantine restrictions have been eased somewhat, many of us are probably itching to go somewhere and do something outside the house. It’s going to take a while before things revert to normal, but it’s good ...
It’s a perfect date idea.
Most people are familiar with the eye-popping and mouthwatering buffet selection at Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s Spiral, but what many don’t know is that the hotel offers a more affordable and infinitely more romantic version of the spread. You just need to go ...
Sofitel's signature buffet is 10 years old and far from fading.
April 2006. I remember the date vividly because it was the graduation of my not-yet brother-in-law. The family reserved a table in Spiral for a celebratory lunch and the only non-family members present were me and his then-girlfriend.As soon as we entered, ...
How to deal when your Japanese food dreams unfold to reality before your eyes.
A buffet is part of the grand tradition of hotel dining, so it’s curious that Nobu's version of a smorgasbord only happens once a week and during brunch, as if a reward for those who are willing to pay for Saturday night’s ...
The sneaky ways to get the most bang for your buck...and stomach.
Buffets are an interesting thing. On the one hand, the idea of indulgence sounds fantastic; but its monstrous quantity can sometimes be hard to swallow. My sister tells me that enormous spreads like these always make her feel uncomfortable, because one time ...
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