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The legendary nose's latest creation for Bulgari recalls a childhood spent among trees.
A thought exercise: Imagine a glass of water in front you. Maybe there are little ice cubes bobbing up and down on the surface. Maybe the glass is frosty, the water fizzy, the temperature perfect. Just imagine. What will you do?  If you ...
What's it like to be Nick Bateman, multi-hyphenate influencer (with 6.6 million Instagram followers) and Bulgari Man Wood Essence ambassador?
When Italian luxury house Bulgari chose model, actor, and Instagram superstar Nick Bateman as the ambassador of its latest fragrance, they weren't only considering his 6.6 million followers (though millions of eyeballs are certainly a plus), but also his connection to Bulgari Man ...
Bulgari creates a superwatch for supercar owners.
On the short list of men's most wanted possessions are the supercar and the luxury watch. Some choose the car over the watch because a watch that costs as much as a car still can't take you to work. Other prioritize the ...
Bulgari’s pre-Basel creation is a crazy-thin tourbillon watch with 253 parts that you can see.
First, know that the Octo is a standout creation. See its 110-facet case, a play on geometry with octagons and circles, and then realize that, despite all the layers, the watch remains elegant, clean enough to pair with something as strict as ...
The Bulgari Hora Domus worldtimer is a watch, not a dashboard.
If you chase the sun, you could easily celebrate your birthday twice in different time zones. And if you’re adventurous enough—and let’s face it, loaded enough—to be a globe-trotter, it’s time to get yourself some useful bling: a timepiece that actually tells ...
Bulgari's new watches appear discreet but expensive, or expensive but discreet, which is just perfect for the needs of the wealthy but anxious.
Do you like watches that sit on your wrist like a tank that tells time? Turns out you don’t. Men are turning away from the flash of the big and heavy in favor of the sliver-thin and cat-quiet. The shift in perspective can ...
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