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How thin is the Octo Finissimo Perpetual Calendar? Very.
So blasé has Bulgari become about its signature watch scooping up world records that an official communique from the brand lists its achievements under the headline ‘Octo Finissimo World Record Saga’. It is indeed a weighty and impressive tome.Introduced in 2014 the Octo Finissimo ...
The Golden Globe winner dressed up for his virtual acceptance speech.
The Crown’s Josh O’Conner played his role of the unhappily married and sometimes cruel Prince Charles so convincingly that you shook your fists in anger every time he appeared on screen to berate Emma Corrin’s Princess Diana. And the 78th Golden Globes ...
The stars of LVMH's high-end horology stable aren't exactly taking it easy in lockdown.
Along with everything else, the pandemic has pretty effectively disrupted the way the watch world debuts its latest show-stoppers. Big, glitzy, in-person fairs are, by and large, not happening. But that doesn't mean the machinery stops moving entirely.Case in point: Last week, ...
It's cutting season for the slightest Swiss watch brand in the ring.
Much like the rope-veined bruisers of a pre-fight weigh-in, luxury watches run the whole gamut of size. There's the same hi-spec ceremony, too. In the blue corner stands Hublot: chrome, futuristic, and heavyweight, like Deontay Wilder in his now infamous flashing android suit. There's TAG ...
Not all the most beautiful timepieces are produced by the usual suspects, a.k.a. that inner circle of the oldest, best-known Swiss luxury watch brands. Here are a few fashion and jewelry labels that produce watches just as worthy of your attention.
Watch snobs, hear us out: Before you turn your nose up at fashion watches for men or any piece that does not bear the prestigious Poinçon de Genève, consider the possibility that jewelry and, yes, even fashion brands have been coming out ...
From Fenty Beauty to Veuve Clicquot, here are a few of the finest brands that LVMH owns.
As the world's largest luxury goods company, Bernard Arnault's LVMH has a vast portfolio of brands and subsidiaries. It has a total of 70 houses, 25 legacy houses, plus five brands that are younger than five years. LVMH's brands range from wines ...
The legendary nose's latest creation for Bulgari recalls a childhood spent among trees.
A thought exercise: Imagine a glass of water in front you. Maybe there are little ice cubes bobbing up and down on the surface. Maybe the glass is frosty, the water fizzy, the temperature perfect. Just imagine. What will you do?  If you ...
What's it like to be Nick Bateman, multi-hyphenate influencer (with 6.6 million Instagram followers) and Bulgari Man Wood Essence ambassador?
When Italian luxury house Bulgari chose model, actor, and Instagram superstar Nick Bateman as the ambassador of its latest fragrance, they weren't only considering his 6.6 million followers (though millions of eyeballs are certainly a plus), but also his connection to Bulgari Man ...
Bulgari creates a superwatch for supercar owners.
On the short list of men's most wanted possessions are the supercar and the luxury watch. Some choose the car over the watch because a watch that costs as much as a car still can't take you to work. Other prioritize the ...
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