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Seafood and Asian flavors mix so well.
Bun Appetit has come a long way since its beginnings selling Maine-style seafood rolls, garlic noodles, and Mexican corn. Owners Lawrence and Iya Cua used to send out their sandwiches, but now the couple has outlets around the Metro, including posts in Salcedo Saturday ...
Bun Appetit is holding National Lobster Day.
There are holidays we automatically shrug off, the kind we ignore as we flip to the subsequent pages of the calendar for the next important thing because there's absolutely nothing in it for us. We're still at work, the traffic is the ...
Available only on Saturdays in Makati
Bun Appetit, those geniuses who gave Metro Manila decent seafood rolls, has just created the most luxurious grilled cheese ever. Between those two crisp, butter slices of bread is a thick, chunky spread of fresh lobster. Essentially, Bun Appetit took their famous lobster ...
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