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The British institution dabbles in pleated skirts, silk accessories, and skin-tight boots,
The invite for today’s A/W’21 show was delivered alongside a Burberry-branded director’s chair, which not only hinted toward an al fresco energy of the collection, but served as a totem of the warmer, less miserable times to come. That invite also featured ...
What's in a logo?
If you’ve recently done the rounds at your favorite boutiques then you may have noticed the sans serif makeover most luxury brands have undergone.Those who have chosen to do the extreme redesign include brands who have recently appointed new creative directors (Balenciaga, ...
And he only had four weeks to do the redesign.
Earlier this year, Burberry announced that it had appointed Riccardo Tisci as chief creative officer. Previously, Tisci was creative director at Givenchy. Now, just five months into his tenure at Burberry, he has unveiled a new wordmark logo and a new monogram ...
Do these make you feel like a legend, a lemon, or an alternative color?
When choosing a new scent, sometimes you have nothing to go by but the name on the bottle. And yeah, that can get pretty daunting, especially when a floor full of perfume assistants are eager to fill your wonky nose with all ...
Many of these were invented for the sake of function.
Let’s not take our bucket bags and trench coats for granted. Behind the items we use regularly today are stories of fashion revolutions, timeless pieces meant to empower, and design houses using fashion to solve fancy problems.The Trench CoatBurberry Trench CoatThe iconic ...
Other peddlers of this iconic scarf? Liam Gallagher and Harry Styles.
Holiday weather is in full swing, and men the world over are turning to the Burberry scarf to keep them toasty warm and in style. In the iconic house check (a plaid in the colors of camel, ivory, red, and black), the ...
And yet it already looks like it would be an Oscar frontrunner, dammit.
Few luxury labels have been able to harness film as a medium for content marketing as well as Burberry does. This year, the English fashion house celebrates its 160th anniversary with a movie trailer for The Tale of Thomas Burberry—a biopic of ...
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