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“It’s more than just a design for your next tattoo or your fashion statement.”
While it’s not a language itself, Baybayin has been an integral part of the history and heritage of the Tagalog language. The ancient script of the Tagalogs was among one of the many indigenous writing systems of the Philippines before the Spaniards ...
We need to celebrate the 200 other languages in the Philippines.
While Filipino is highlighted in August (designated as Buwan ng Wika since 1997, having been expanded from a mere Linggo ng Wika), there are actually over 200 other languages in the Philippines worth celebrating.Data science team We Are Thinking Machines came up last year ...
Ano nga ba ang batayan ng pagiging “buhay” ng isang wika?
Oo naman.Iyan ang inaasahan, nararapat at wastong sagot. Lalo na sa mga araw na ito ng buwan ng Agosto, ang Buwan ng Wika, sino ang magsasabing hindi buhay ang wikang Filipino (ang taguri sa wikang pambansa simula noong 1987)? Tandaang bago ang ...
The influence of this ancient language can be seen in how Filipinos write today.
The Philippine Baybayin script belongs to the Austronesian languages. "Bâybayin" aptly means "to syllabicate or syllabify."  Baybayin has three vowels and 14 consonants (see charts below). It was widely used in the country prior to Spanish conquest up until 1668 when the script forms were removed from official ...
More reason to raise children who can speak both Filipino and English.
While the ability to speak two languages or more might come in handy when communicating with foreigners and while traveling, bilingualism provides much more than social benefits. Scientific studies show that those with the ability to speak a language apart from their ...
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