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Film cameras have a character that digital just can’t replicated.
There’s something about vintage cameras that digital just can’t replicate. It has a character lost on the high-tech equipment of today. The wear-and-tear only adds value, and the older the camera, the more sought after it is.Film photography has been revived in ...
It's not enough to preserve your memories. You need to print them, too.
Nowadays, people choose only their best photos for posting on glossy, ultra-curated Instagram feeds. But anyone who's ever experienced the delayed gratification of film camera photos knows there's a different kind of charm to having your pics developed old-school style, even if ...
Snap your summer pics with a OneStep 2 camera on Stranger Things-inspired film.
It's a throwback on top of a throwback on top of a throwback. Stranger Things and Polaroid teamed up to give fans of all things nostalgic an admittedly fantastic-looking, limited edition Stranger Things OneStep 2. The film-based instant camera is everything you need to get into the retro ...
In which we review this nifty gadget and also let you know about rescue cats at CARA.
So, you got your hands on Lomography’s gorgeous new Lomo’Instant Square.But let me guess: the contents inside the packaging are looking a little intimidating. The camera, for one, when folded looks both impenetrable and fragile at the same time. The Pigalle edition, ...
Why didn't we know this sooner?!
Admit it: We all want to post the perfect 'gram every single time. Even if it means taking a gazillion snaps to find that right angle featuring legs for days, we'd gladly (and patiently) do it. Truth be told, we would even ...
Film is in.
Instant film cameras are fairly inexpensive, yet quite cool gadgets to capture memories with. Don't forget that even though they are quite affordable, instant film cameras require users to purchase film for their shots, so in case you are an overly active ...
Our favorite bit of tech this week warns you about spotlights and traffic cameras. You can talk to it, too.
Garmin's new dash cam has a lot going on for such a small package. The 2.0-inch LCD Dash Cam 55 has high-quality video capture that saves footage on impact should you be involved in an incident. It's also smaller than a deck ...
It's also got all the updates you need.
A Leica isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t need to be. Don’t put it on a tripod. Don’t attach a lens the length of a baby’s arm. Its purpose isn’t to take impressive holiday pictures. Nikons and Canons already do a great job ...
Channel your inner JJ Abrams with Sony's a6500
Finally, a camera that can move with you. Sony recently launched its latest flagship APS-C mirrorless camera: the α6500, which follows the α6300.Though it still has the same 425 auto-focus points, this time, the latest iteration can shoot up to 307 frames at ...
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