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You can even embed secret messages into its prints with the Polaroid app.
Polaroid knows its sweet spot: giving us new tech in its Originals camera line, while still staying true to the design that put it on the map all the way back in the 1930s. And with the Polaroid Lab, a fully functional photo ...
This instant camera has some seriously cool features and a Bluetooth-connected app.
Right now, it seems like anything that can make us feel like we’re in another decade—probably to get out of this god-awful one—is in style. Record players are back, retro cars are back, and hell, even vintage fashion is back. Polaroid, one of the ...
Leica upgraded its compact Q camera line.
German camera maker Leica Camera AG has always been associated with quality and luxury, and its latest model of the Leica Q series again proves exactly that.The Leica Q2 is the next-generation model of the German luxury brand's Q line of compact cameras and ...
Sam David Felix brings photography back to its most basic form through pinhole photography.
There is beauty in simplicity. Even Leonardo Da Vinci said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. You wouldn’t think that would apply to cameras and photography, but a young pinhole photographer is proving us wrong.Meet Sam David Felix, a 26-year-old elementary science ...
In which we review this nifty gadget and also let you know about rescue cats at CARA.
So, you got your hands on Lomography’s gorgeous new Lomo’Instant Square.But let me guess: the contents inside the packaging are looking a little intimidating. The camera, for one, when folded looks both impenetrable and fragile at the same time. The Pigalle edition, ...
Your Instagram game will never be the same again
Chances are you have a mate who carries a vintage camera at all times. Spends each weekend wandering aimlessly around the Barbican, photographing leaves and balconies. Would defend their Instagram ‘aesthetic’ with their lives, if it came down to it.Still, what an ...
Camera filters are no match for film.
Film isn’t dead—as trendy as the latest DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are, there’s something to be said for old-school film camera photography that just can’t be replicated by digital cameras. Analog cameras in their prime are tough to come by, but when ...
Can a smartphone live up to a photographer's standards?
As a professional photographer who shoots a wide range of assignments, I have been contemplating on adding a smartphone to my gear line-up for my editorial, documentary, and portraiture work, so this chance to test the Sony Xperia XZs and its centerpiece ...
Not quite as unfair as it sounds.
It's a question we've all pondered from time to time: "Just how would my iPhone compare to a blockbuster-grade Hollywood camera that costs more than a semi-detached in Scarborough?"Well we've got good news for you, because one curious YouTuber has gone and ...
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