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We still can't get them out of our heads.
There was a time when election season produced more than new leaders in government, it also gave everyone a bad case of LSS. The culprit? The campaign jingle of a particular big-ticket candidate that was so bad, it was good. It was ...
If this ad doesn’t have you packing your bags, we don’t know what will.
As of late, Philippine tourism ads have been, errrr, rather problematic, from the one titled Sights, which was pulled out due to accusations of plagiarism, to the cheesy Anak ad. Now it looks like we've finally gotten it right—and it's a provincial tourism board ...
Dapper Dan is a Harlem tailor who's known for making his own original designs for rappers and athletes using various unauthorized luxury label logos.
As far as “fake it 'til you make it” stories go, Daniel Day's is tough to top.Day, who's better known as Dapper Dan, is the star of the campaign for Gucci's fall/winter 2017 men's tailoring collection, which was launched earlier this week, September 10. In it, ...
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