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Looks like crypto is here to stay.
2021 has been the year of crypto. From its meteoric rise to its recent volatile swings, there’s no denying that crypto has made headlines week after week for creating and demolishing fortunes, often with billionaire Elon Musk somehow involved. But now crypto ...
“We believe Kumu will be a multi-billion-dollar company someday,” said one investor.
Philippine startup Kumu announced that it has secured an undisclosed amount in its Series B funding round, which took place less than a year after its Series A round in April 2020.The Series B round was co-led by SIG, a global investment ...
Its investors include Foxmont, DayOne, and Ignite.
Philippine health-tech startup Zennya has secured a $1.2 million (P57.7 million) investment from its latest funding round led by Foxmont Capital Partners, DayOne Capital Ventures, and Ignite House of Innovation. Angel investors and prominent families from the Philippines and Thailand also took ...
Startup founders, here are some words of wisdom from VCs.
By now, you've probably watched and rewatched countless episodes of Shark Tank and The Final Pitch, hunting for clues as to the secret ingredients of a perfect pitch. Rarely can you fake it till you make it. More than confidence, you need ...
Where do startups get funding?
We’ve tackled the different stages of startup investments, from seed funding to series C funding, so now let’s take a look at here you can actually get funding for your startup. Most people understand the term “venture capital,” which refers to funding ...
Understanding every investment round.
If you’re new to the startup scene and want to learn more about seed funding, you’ve come to the right place. By now, you’ve probably seen headlines describing “seed funding” rounds of up and coming Filipino startups. But not all rounds are ...
High risk. High reward.
Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been on the rise for years, but 2021 may very well be the year for crypto as a whole. Given its volatility, crypto growth has never been steady, but it’s always been strong. And the meteoric price surges ...
The global gaming industry is three times the value of Hollywood.
Southeast Asian gaming and esports entertainment provider Tier One Entertainment has raised an undisclosed amount in its Pre-series A round of financing. The round was led by Gobi Partners through Gobi-Core Philippine Fund, which is a joint venture with Core Capital. Also ...
The startup is only one year old.
Philippine cloud kitchen startup Kraver’s Canteen has secured $1.5 million (P72.7 million) in its latest round of seed funding, becoming a leading figure in the emerging cloud kitchen ecosystem. The funding round was led by Foxmont Capital Partners, a Philippine venture capital ...
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