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Send in those resumes now.
In 2020, the average unemployment rate dropped to 10.43 percent. Meanwhile, the year that followed had various industries rebounding, but the rate was still at 7.93 percent. The Philippines is looking to cut that rate down even further this year.In case we didn't ...
How do you pull the bandaid?
Unhappy worker Janna feels she has no right to quit a dream job that people "would kill for", that's why she put off resigning for a year now, like many employees who stay because they just can't muster enough guts to do ...
Did you see your company on LinkedIn's list?
As the definition of career growth evolves, workplaces are seeing a shift in what employees are looking for in their professional lives.LinkedIn recently published its second annual ranking of the 15 best workplaces for stability. Based on unique LinkedIn data, the list was ...
A ranking of the best workplaces to grow your career.
If you’re looking to move up at work, consider yourself lucky if you work for any of those in LinkedIn’s Top Companies in the Philippines List 2021. The professional network came out with the list which it says ranks the best places ...
The Philippines is also the fifth most optimistic country when it comes to opportunities.
The Philippines is one of the most optimistic and confident countries in the world when it comes to workplace opportunities and growth, according to a global survey by LinkedIn.The LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2020 looked into what the people want and what barriers ...
Got an eye on a corner office someday? Here are tips from an HR expert and a leadership speaker on how to level up at work.
After the holidays, it’s time to go back to the office grind. With that “New Year, New Me” mantra that’s been going around on your always-optimistic friend’s social media feed, as you slog it through traffic to get to your designated slot ...
Back to the grind!
The first week of work after a long holiday is usually the hardest, simply because you're still in total vacation mode. But of course, there are bills to pay and responsibilities to return to, so you pretty much just have to pick up the slack.The thing ...
Taking a Rolls-Royce Ghost out for a spin is going to cost you.
Luxury car rentals are usually reserved for formal occasions, such as weddings and debuts. But who's to say you can't be chauffeured around in a Benz or a Ferrari on any given day? For whatever the reason you may need a temporary set ...
Frustrated because you feel like you know more?
A good leader is someone you look up to, someone to learn from, and someone you hope you can be like later on in life. They often act as mentors, training and building you up by helping you become the best version ...
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