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He moved even those turned off by the history refracted through his lens enough to inspire protest or to trigger deeper reading and analysis.
Like the word ‘love,’ ‘exile’ is both a noun and a verb. To Carlos Celdran who loved his country with intensity, to be exiled and to be an exile could only be a sentence that shatters the spirit.I had known Carlos for ...
This country needed someone like Carlos Celdran.
 “I need time away. I need to clear my head” are the last words Carlos Celdran said to me in private conversation. He was deeply sad, he had said, to be leaving his beloved home—“bawling”, he said. This was in January, and I ...
He was a fearless advocate of Philippine culture, history, and identity.
Artist, writer, and cultural activist Carlos Celdran passed away earlier today, October 8, while in Spain. In a Facebook post, his wife Tesa confirmed his death, saying "he passed away from natural causes."Celdran was known for pushing the boundaries of art and culture, ...
"Hecklers and haters became a part of your life when you realize you’re actually doing something worth doing. I’m coming into this with risks, I know that and it’s not going to end up unanimously positive." Plus a few more revelations from Carlos Celdran.
This was originally published in our April 2013 issue.I don’t subscribe to the argument that only death gives life meaning. That’s for suckers. Life is so much fun.At the start of the year I sort of had a health scare. I thought ...
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