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Overall, the Philippines is doing very well at the games, in case you didn't know.
Well deserved.
At only 21, Carlos Yulo has achieved what no Filipino has done before him: win a world title at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship (WAGC)—again. Over the weekend, Yulo bagged the gold medal in the men’s vault finals and the silver medal in ...
Carlos Yulo, Filipino gymnastics superstar, comes from humble beginnings.
Carlos Yulo made headlines when he delivered back-to-back victories for the Philippines in October, first by qualifying for the 2020 Olympics, and then becoming the first Filipino gymnastics world champion at the 2019 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Since then, Yulo’s star has ...
It was his grandfather who introduced him to gymnastics.
WONDERING where Caloy Yulo got his grace and elegance on the floor exercise mat?It's from dad.While no one among his parents took up gymnastics, Yulo’s father used to be into street dancing, which more or less explained the grace and flexibility that made the 19-year-old athlete a ...
It's a historic moment!
CARLOS Edriel ‘Caloy’ Yulo won a historic gold medal in the men’s floor of the 49th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany.Yulo garnered a score of 15.300 in his floor apparatus final, his pet event among all the gymnastics events, in ...
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