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Inheritance beyond regal titles and net worth.
Prince Michael of Kent is the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as a second cousin to Prince Charles. These are just some of the first cousins of Queen Elizabeth. Prince Michael is thought to resemble the stern front of ...
Contrary to popular belief, England’s “Lost Prince” John was not treated "like an animal."
The tale of Prince John of the United Kingdom, born John Charles Francis to King George V and Queen Mary in 1905, has often been used as an example of the Royal Family’s cruelty to its own kin. The boy, who had ...
It was her most prized possession.
Carrie Fisher was too good for this earth. If you needed any more proof of that fact, look no further than her memorial service where Fisher's ashes were carried in a huge Prozac pill.Fisher's brother explained the choice of urn to Entertainment ...
Would audiences be comfortable with a CGI General Leia appearing in Star Wars IX so soon after Fisher's death?
Over a week ago, Carrie Fisher's sudden and tragic death left the pop culture icon's friends, co-stars, family, and fans reeling, and inevitably put the future of the Star Wars franchise into question. How will the series continue without General Leia, the ...
The late actress's searing wit was as sharp as her talent.
Beloved actress Carrie Fisher has passed away, four days after suffering a heart attack on December 23. Known for her iconic role as Star Wars' Princess Leia, the 60-year-old was also cherished for her openness and humor. Those qualities were prominent in ...
Remembering the actress and writer's searing wit.
Carrie Fisher charmed us all in roles like Star Wars' feisty Princess Leia, Shampoo's seductive teen Lorna, and When Harry Met Sally's finally-lucky-in-love Marie—and with the wicked wit she brandished in six books, including memoirs Wishful Drinking and The Princess Diarist. Fans ...
Three words: Sexism in space.
Carrie Fisher's new book, The Princess Diarist, is a whopper, mainly because she details her affair with Harrison Ford while filming the first Star Wars, and also because her 19-year-old self described that affair in exquisitely painful detail. The book isn't too ...
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