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The Internet has blurred the lines of infidelity, so we asked 9 men about what they think about online cheating and why men do it.
In light of the Jim Paredes viral video that sent shockwaves all over the Internet this week, many people are asking why he had to do it. It was less about the issue of taking a video while pleasuring himself, but more about the ...
It’s always handy to have a skill ready for when you encounter car emergencies.
Knowing how to jumpstart a car with a dead battery is an essential life skill.We all live busy lives, and it’s very easy to forget to turn off the lights, radio, air conditioner, or any other electrical gadget inside the vehicle after ...
This is the hub for the multimedia game development revolution.
De La Salle University’s (DLSU) Laguna Campus officially launched the John Gokongwei, Jr. Innovation Center (JGIC). The center, which is named after John Gokongwei, Jr.—DLSU MBA alumnus (MBA ’77), head of the country’s second-largest family-run business, and also the country’s third richest ...
From the Suzuki Jimny to the Chevrolet Corvette, these are the new cars to check out this year.
What’s your favorite part about bidding the past year farewell? Is it making a long list of resolutions? Perhaps it’s browsing gym memberships online or doing a little New Year cleaning leading up to the big 1/1Our favorite bit is looking forward ...
New brand ups Ayala's automotive portfolio to six.
It’s been whispered about for months, but it’s finally official: Korean automotive company Kia is making a comeback in the Philippines through Ayala Corporation. The announcement was made in a press briefing on Monday, December 17.AC Automotive, Ayala Corp's automobile business company ...
In the meantime, GrabRewards users can book (almost) free jeepney and P2P rides.
If you’re a regular Grab user and it feels like it’s getting more and more difficult to book a ride, you’re not alone. On Friday, December 14, it seemed like social media was exploding with angry and frustrated commuters who said it ...
It'll compete against the locally developed game show app Paydro.
The mobile trivia game craze may finally go mainstream in the country, as social media giant Facebook launches Confetti, an interactive trivia game that may win users as much as $6,000.Confetti launches today, Thursday, 13 December 2018,  and may be accessed through the ...
But the difference won’t make your connection lightning fast.
When you want to download something on your phone, would you rather use your mobile data or connect to a Wi-Fi network? Chances are you’ll go for the latter, as aside from being cheaper, Wi-Fi connections are much faster than mobile.But a ...
The rules have improved to ensure a safe, clean space for its users. But no system is perfect.
Picture this: you’re coming home from work. It’s already late and you’ve decided to tough it out standing in the bus rather than wait out the tide of commuters. You pull out your phone to pass the time while traffic is at ...
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