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This comes after a female passenger filed a complaint against a Grab driver that allegedly sexually harassed her.
Grab has announced their plans to install in-car security cameras in the vehicles of their driver-partners to ensure the safety and security of passengers. The move follows a formal complaint filed against a Grab driver accused of sexually harassing a female passenger.The ...
It’s always handy to have a skill ready for when you encounter car emergencies.
Knowing how to jumpstart a car with a dead battery is an essential life skill.We all live busy lives, and it’s very easy to forget to turn off the lights, radio, air conditioner, or any other electrical gadget inside the vehicle after ...
New brand ups Ayala's automotive portfolio to six.
It’s been whispered about for months, but it’s finally official: Korean automotive company Kia is making a comeback in the Philippines through Ayala Corporation. The announcement was made in a press briefing on Monday, December 17.AC Automotive, Ayala Corp's automobile business company ...
In the meantime, GrabRewards users can book (almost) free jeepney and P2P rides.
If you’re a regular Grab user and it feels like it’s getting more and more difficult to book a ride, you’re not alone. On Friday, December 14, it seemed like social media was exploding with angry and frustrated commuters who said it ...
If it's a marketing gimmick, it's working.
The tweet says “choose your fighter,” reminiscent of PVP videogames. Attached to the tweet are two pictures, both screenshots of text messages: one is a long text from Angkas driver Joefrey Sudeste, informing his customer that he’s on his way. Joefrey’s text ...
Metro Manila, Davao, and Cebu joined the 2018 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride on Sunday, September 30.
If you were out and about extra early on the streets on Sunday, September 30—having recovered fast from your regular Saturday bacchanalia with the boys, or perhaps from, idk, that all-nighter  analyzing the red carpet from the ABS CBN Ball?—you might have ...
The Litas, an international collective for women on two wheels, aims to ride over every stereotype there is.
There isn't anything so manly as big bike. Everything from the leathers and studs to the full-throated thrumming of the engine between one's legs—even the term crotch rocket—evokes sex and sexuality. And, yes, sometimes a bit of sexism.When it comes to motorcycle culture, the ...
And they don’t sell your data to third parties.
Over the past couple of months privacy has been a big concern for internet users, especially since Facebook landed itself in hot water for reading people’s messages and tracking their calls and texts. In times like these, it’s best to make sure you’re using ...
And we got ’90s kids to try them out for you.
With the fast-paced development of new gaming gadgets, one can’t help feeling a bit nostalgic for the simpler days of joysticks and Family Computer. This is probably why different groups and developers created an emulation of these games which can be played ...
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