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A true daily driver.
Transport has always been functional. The idea is to get from point A to B in the quickest, less stressful way possible, and, hopefully, do it in comfort and style. And since its invention, the automobile has fulfilled those needs for an ...
Land Rover PH teases the new Defender 90 with these highly Instagram-able photos.
Usually when an automotive brand announces a new model launch, the press release would accompany photos from the international press feeds. These are fine and it gets the job done. But when Coventry Motors Corporation (CMC), the country’s distributor of Jaguar and ...
It’s a TikTok world and we’re just living in it.
Just about five years since it was founded, the short-form video-sharing app TikTok is now the seventh most popular social media network in the world. According to Statista, Tiktok has about 732 million active users as of April 2021, behind Facebook (2.7 ...
It's in the price range of a supercar.
If you remember, we recently wrote about how close we are to getting flying cars. So, there's definitely a lot to think about if it does become a total reality like, say, how much it costs. Well, we hate to break it ...
The all-new Tracker is a looker.
Chevrolet Philippines has unveiled the Tracker, its latest offering in the highly competitive crossover SUV segment. The local distributor of Chevrolet says the Tracker is the latest model in its new-generation, global SUV lineup. It was named the bestselling utility vehicle in major ...
Any guesses?
Automotive love is extremely subjective. What might get one car lover’s heart racing might just be meh for others. But study a big enough sample and trends emerge, and certain brands and models rise to the top to become some of the ...
"Science fiction is now a reality."
A prototype flying car just successfully completed an inter-city test flight between Nitra and Bratislava in Slovakia. Klein Vision, a Slovakian-based company, developed the flying called AirCar Prototype 1 which recently flew around 80 kilometers in a 35-minute flight. According to the release, ...
Better late than never.
For the first time in Aston Martin's century-old history, the brand is introducing an SUV. The luxury carmaker unveiled the DBX in 2019, finally, the model is making its way to Manila via DBPhils Motorsports, Inc., under the Tagle Group of Companies, ...
Volkswagen PH says it’s bringing back the iconic "hippie van."
The Volkswagen Kombi is a true ‘70s icon. Also known as the Microbus, Transporter, or simply the “hippie van,” the iconic vehicle celebrated its 70th birthday last year. The Kombi Multivan was conceived by Dutch businessman Ben Pon, and was officially designated ...
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