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We get reacquainted with the Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid.
The Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid and the rest of the Corolla Altis lineup find themselves in a rather unfamiliar spot. Although close to two years have passed since the 12th generation of the world’s bestselling vehicle was launched in the Philippines, current-gen ...
Designed for the modern urban explorer.
Lexus has worked hard to reach out to a much younger sector of the affluent market, and with the UX, it seems it’s finally hit the perfect formula. In 2018, the Japanese luxury brand introduced the UX model, its youngest and perhaps ...
Traveling with your pet is so much easier.
Traveling on a weekend road trip or just taking your pet somewhere isn’t always easy. You need to make your pet comfortable and make sure you protect your vehicle’s interiors. German brand Audi has solved this dilemma with an Audi-exclusive protective rear ...
Keanu Reeves, Kendall Jenner, Jerry Seinfeld and more have driven this particular model. There's a reason for that.
For the famous and image-conscious, the car you’re seen driving says as much about you as the clothes you put on.There is, for instance, a large contingent of Prius drivers among celebrities, including Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, and Jessica Alba. The hybrid ...
Meanwhile in China, it's Tesla.
There's a running joke that whatever street you're on in the Philippines, there's likely a Toyota nearby. Filipinos love the affordable, reliable car brand, which is why we're not surprised to find out that it's legit the most popular brand in the ...
No wonder it’s called the 812 Superfast.
Ferrari unveiled its limited-edition special series 812 Superfast via a digital world premiere recently. The new Prancing Horse model is the brand’s ultimate expression of an extreme front-engined Berlinetta. At the heart of this beautiful car is Maranello’s legendary 65-degree V12 engine ...
The DTI says it’s because of COVID-19.
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is deferring yet again the ban on importing truck engines and auto components that are not compliant with Euro 4 standards. In a memorandum circular (MC) dated March 18, 2021, the DTI said it is holding ...
He's admittedly not the best driver, but he’s had quite a collection of cars through the years.
In his new book called Mixed Plate, Jo Koy gets candid about his life and what he had to go through to realize his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian. It’s hard enough that he and his family struggled to make ends ...
What do you think?
Lexus is no stranger to art. The luxury Japanese carmaker has a long history of supporting creative endeavors outside of the automotive industry. This time, the company partnered with three well-known artists to reimagine the interiors of its newest battery electric vehicle, ...
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