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Three new models of the Rotonde de Cartier feature the art of skeletonization, the complexity of the tourbillon, and a mysterious movement.  
Cartier is known for very fine things: jewels worn by kings, one of the first watches strapped on the wrist, jewels fashioned as panthers, and plenty of rare oddities. In short, it makes not only expensive stuff, but the most special fine ...
Here's a closer look at a watch with one hell of a tale to tell.
The Pasha de Cartier is, as the story goes, named for the Pasha of Marrakech, who commissioned the timepiece from the French brand in 1933. He wanted something waterproof—Rolex’s Oyster, the world’s first waterproof watch, had debuted just a few years before—that could stand ...
The distinctive square timepiece recently debuted in a modern XL size.
It’s a peculiarity of dress watches—especially the smaller ones, and especially in gold—that in summer they stick out on a naked forearm like stilettos on a vicar. Which makes them an ideal go-to for the man who has the nous to wear ...
With gemstones and delicate enamel work, Cartier transforms ordinary things into very precious objects.
Luxury goods are not just bags or watches or jewelry. They can be a stone bird with diamond eyes or a board game decorated in gold. Point is, when made with great care and done in precious materials, any object—even a paperweight—can ...
The maison reinterprets the classics.
Cartier has announced reinterpretations of two of its iconic watches and a relaunch of the Cartier Pasha, originally made as a one-off in the Thirties to the specifications of the Pasha of Marrakech.The brand has been one of the world’s pre-eminent jewelers ...
From the jeweler of kings, these masterpieces are precious and dazzling, handsome and elegant.
A watch by Cartier is a must for any serious ticker collection. And while the French luxury house may be more known for creating dazzling jewelry (the kind that can compel a woman to say yes), you must know that it also ...
In The Cartiers, a Cartier granddaughter tells tales of Romanov balls and the histories of the world's greatest stones through letters she inherited from her grandfather.
It was 2009 when Francesca Cartier Brickell was rummaging through her grandfather’s house in the South of France for a rare bottle of wine he had saved for his 90th birthday. Her mission was unsuccessful but what she found in the home ...
‘His and hers’ watches that will stand the test of time.
Shopping shouldn’t be confined by gender categories, and this applies to shopping for luxury watches, too. Whether you’re searching for a timepiece to own or a gift to give this holiday season, there are plenty of options in the market that will satisfy anyone’s ...
Not all the most beautiful timepieces are produced by the usual suspects, a.k.a. that inner circle of the oldest, best-known Swiss luxury watch brands. Here are a few fashion and jewelry labels that produce watches just as worthy of your attention.
Watch snobs, hear us out: Before you turn your nose up at fashion watches for men or any piece that does not bear the prestigious Poinçon de Genève, consider the possibility that jewelry and, yes, even fashion brands have been coming out ...
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