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For your next viewing binge.
Looking for something else to watch onilne while stuck indoors? If you grew up in the ‘80s, here’s a treat.Entertainment and toy company Hasbro just released 15 episodes of the original animated series GI Joe on YouTube.The episodes are part of the ...
Why we need another Zaturnnah remake.
It’s impossible not to know about Zsazsa Zaturnnah. For some, the image of the flame-haired heroine occupies more of a background space in their minds, but for others, Zaturnnah brings to life everything they’ve ever fought for—or against. Soft-mannered Ada and her ...
Their voices are also part of your favorite video games.
By now you’ve probably heard of Bobby Pontillas, the Filipino-American animator whose work is nominated for Best Short Film at this year’s Academy Awards. You might’ve also read about Bobby Rubio, who’ll be releasing a short film this year that will have the first ...
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