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Instant cash.
If you’ve ever needed to buy something online but were short on cash, you’re in luck. A new product from financial technology platform Cashalo and ecommerce giant Lazada allows online shoppers to borrow money with zero interest and no processing fees.  Customers who ...
Company says it is notifying affected individuals about the incident.
Online lending platform Cashalo has reported a security incident involving a company-only database archive on Saturday, February 20. In a statement emailed to Esquire Philippines, the company said an individual claimed to be in possession of a Cashalo customer database taken from ...
Cashalo's Hamilton Angluben says they're reaching the borrowers that banks aren't able to.
As hard as it is to earn money, it's even harder to borrow it.For many people, the first step of presenting documents and IDs required by banks and other formal financial institutions to apply for a loan is already a hurdle that's ...
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