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Has this happened to you?
We’ve all been there: your wallet’s empty and you need a few hundred or thousand pesos to pay for lunch or just to replenish your pocket money. You go to the ATM and fall in line. But for some reason, the guy ...
Commuters can now book rides even without credit cards and zero load on their GrabPay wallets.
Even before the pandemic, about 70 percent of Grab Car riders still preferred to pay by cash. But after the government mandated cashless transactions to stop the spread of COVID-19, people have been slow to give up their cash in favor of ...
Cashless systems are making headway in the Philippines.
The Philippines has always been a paradox. On one hand, we’re the top internet users in the world (according to the latest report of creative agency We Are Social). On the other, we still have towns and communities that don’t even have ...
These mobile payment apps are slowly turning the Philippines into a cashless society.
There’s this ambitious goal that the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has for the country. By 2020, it aims to make 20 percent of all transactions in the Philippines electronic, which means they are transacted without using cash. While it remains to ...
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