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Rose Leslie's family has owned the ancient castle—among many other castles—for over 900 years. Here's a tour inside.
In the U.K., castle weddings are quite typical, thanks to the abundance of medieval structures. Many wealthy landowners have also chosen to turn these properties into wedding venues, hotels, and bed and breakfasts to fund maintenance costs and other expenses.But this wasn’t the ...
One castle's bloody banquet served as the main inspiration for Game of Thrones' Red Wedding.
From the Tower of London to Edinburgh Castle, here are Great Britain's most famous castles and the stories behind them.Windsor Castle takes the title of the largest occupied castle in the world. As the official residence of the Queen, it boasts over ...
The royal life is one Airbnb booking away. Here are some of the most opulent choices.
Airbnb, the online rental platform for accommodations and homes, is no longer just for budget travelers. Many of its luxury listings give vacations a whole new meaning. Some properties are spacious enough to accommodate up to 30 people, making them perfect ideas for ...
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