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The Eraserheads were there, too.
So it appears that Catriona Gray and Esquire Philippines have met before. The lava-walking stunner, who was just crowned Miss Universe 2018, was, in fact, the emcee at the launch of our September 2014 Travel Issue, which was also a surprise concert ...
Medical marijuana advocates may have found a new ally
This year’s Miss Universe pageant got a bit political, if not controversial, as the question and answer segment challenged contestants to respond to some of the most pressing social issues today.  Even the country’s bet, Catriona Gray, who would eventually take home ...
Kantar study also reveals to what extent Filipinos act on these problems.
Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds have evolved from sharing photos and posting updates to becoming platforms to learn and discuss various social issues. The answer to the Facebook status box’s eternal question of “What’s on your mind?” has shifted to users’ stands ...
In which we try to explain all the things that you don't get about what just happened right now (we won Miss Universe).
Here's a red-hot conundrum from social media:"Hello Esquire! Please help me. Today, I awoke to a thunderous boom and then a series of high-pitched squeals accompanied a claw digging into my shoulder. (I am bleeding.) I thought there was some sort of ...
Miss Philippines Catriona Elisa Gray brings the crown back home.
Miss Philippines Catriona Elisa Gray is Miss Universe 2018.Gray was crowned in the prestigious pageant held in Bangkok, Thailand on December 17, Monday (Philippine time). She bested 93 other contestants from all over the world, and is the Philippines' fourth bet to ...
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