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Kris Aquino, Bela Padilla, and more Filipino celebrities have had to deal with stalking.
One of the crazy side-effects that come with being a celebrity are all the crazy fans. With fame, you can't just go out and expect everything to be fine. There are plenty of paparazzi videos that show the likes of Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, ...
From damning allegations to messy exposés.
Navigating fame and love can be fun, but as several celebrities prove, it can also be a recipe for disaster. We're talking, of course, about celebrity relationships and breakups that have been surrounded by claims of infidelity through the years.From damning allegations ...
She will be missed.
Noemi Tesorero, whom most people call Mahal, was a giant in Philippine entertainment, despite standing all of three feet in height. Born on Dec 20, 1974, Mahal was the eldest of four kids. All of her other siblings are of normal height.Mahal ...
There's a reason Tuned in Style is popular with celebrities.
In 2013, actress Gretchen Barretto commissioned a group led by car enthusiast John Lopez to customize a full-sized bus and design it like a business class Emirates flight. The result was a styled vehicle that Barretto treated like a mobile home, bringing ...
The “Sayang” singer was also a self-made entrepreneur.
Many people know Claire Dela Fuente as an icon of Philippine music, one of the so-called “jukebox queens” whose songs have become modern classics and have stood the test of time. But not many know that she was also an astute businesswoman ...
The former actress and model says she enjoys being a waitress in Sydney.
Jinri Park first started gaining fans in the Philippines for her work as a DJ in popular radio station RX 93.1 in the early 2010s. With her charisma and good looks, it didn’t take long for her to transition to TV and ...
The actress and wife of John Travolta passed away Sunday in the US (Monday in Manila) of breast cancer. She was 57.Preston appeared in films like Twins, For Love of the Game, Gotti, Battlefield Earth, The Cat in the Hat and What a ...
It was thought to have been destroyed after filming.
Marilyn Monroe’s long-lost nude scene from The Misfits has been discovered after 57 years.It was thought that the footage, which would have made Monroe one of the first major Hollywood actresses to go nude on film in the sound era, was destroyed after being ...
The legendary director behind St. Elmo's Fire and Batman & Robin died at the age of 80.
Director Joel Schumacher's life could be described with any number of words, but boring is not one of them. On Monday, the prolific director behind St. Elmo's Fire, Batman & Robin, and The Lost Boys died at the age of 80.In the early '80s, Schumacher made ...
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