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From Reese Witherspoon to Hugh Jackman.
Every star has their big break, and they all have to start somewhere. From made-for-TV films to blockbuster franchises, see some of today's biggest actors and actresses in their very first movie roles.Zendaya made her film debut in Disney's TV movie Frenemies, where ...
The charges range from drug possession to attempted homicide.
Being a child actor is no joke. The pressures of working in the entertainment industry and living in the spotlight at such a young age can be crippling—debilitating even. More often than not, growing up in such a stressful environment can lead to a ...
Sometimes, the set is more dramatic than the show.
Dramatic moments and confrontation scenes don't just happen on TV screens and in teleseryes. There are times when behind-the-scenes moments are even more controversial than the ones shown on the small screen. In a stressful yet fun environment such as the set ...
From airplanes to swimming pools, here are the wildest places celebrities have done the deed.
Celebrities are an on-the-go bunch. A typical day in their lives involves going from one taping location to the next and then maybe going to an endorsement appearance after. So, it's no surprise that they have to get creative when it comes to hooking ...
The reality television series' third season debuted on ABS-CBN nearly 16 years ago.
In 2006, doors opened up for the 14 teenagers who auditioned and were chosen to enter the first season of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition. Following the success of PBB's adult and celebrity editions, the reality show dubbed as the “Teleserye ng Totoong Buhay ng Kabataang Pinoy” brought teens from ...
Did the showrunners think we wouldn't notice?
You know when you’re watching an episode of your favorite show and you kind of just expect the characters to continue being played by the same people who played them the week before? Well that's apparently not always a thing. The number ...
Not all men are 6 feet tall.
Who said short men can’t get the girl? Beauty standards go both ways, and for years, it’s been telling women to choose the taller man. Thankfully, not everyone subscribes to societal expectations, because unlike in the movies, not every man is 6 feet ...
Most of them stayed here for a while to study English.
Did you know that the Philippines was once home to a number of now famous Korean celebrities? From actors to K-pop idols, all of them have spoken fondly of their time in the country—which was mostly spent to study English—one way or ...
Abuse, in any form, is never okay.
Physical abuse in a relationship often starts gradually, such as a push or a slap, and it becomes worse over time. Most people in abusive relationships think twice before speaking up or going to the authorities, and who can blame them? They're scared, and they feel helpless. It's ...
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