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The actress is starring in her first theater production for Tanghalang Ateneo.
Ever since she set primetime TV ablaze with her unforgettable turn as Marimar in the local version of the Mexican soap in 2007, Marian Rivera has captured the imagination of Filipino audiences. She has since taken on numerous other roles in successful ...
As if we needed more proof that he’s a good guy.
Alden Richards is well-known in the industry as a consummate professional and all-around good guy. There are many stories of him participating in disaster relief operations, donating to worthy causes, and just being nice to fans. After the devastation of Typhoon Ulysses (and ...
She also explains why you won’t be seeing her driving a car anytime soon.
When it comes to endorsement deals, Heart Evangelista-Escudero prefers to keep it real.ALSO READ: CELEBRITIESCatriona Gray is the Sexiest Woman AliveStraight from Heart: “I Really Want to Express Myself Fully, With no Limitations Whatsoever”Arguably one of the most popular actresses of her ...
Fashion tips from the Monegasque princess and the queen of American fashion.
Like a handful before and after her, Grace Kelly is one of the few legendary fashion icons that embody class and timelessness. She ranks among other style heavyweights, such as Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and Princess Diana. Unlike many others, however, Grace’s signature ...
"This talk of retirement is just a professional ploy. There is no way out of your vocational commitment"
Dear daniel day-lewis,Since I know what you are not doing now, it’s natural that I wonder what you are doing. And in those thoughts maybe I understand you better? I am not going to nag you, or reproach you. Let’s admit it, ...
What to do when you see someone wearing the same dress, you bump into your ex, or the waiter spills wine on your couture (and your cleavage).
There is unusual chatter about balls at the moment, so it might be a good time to dig up the quick-and-dirty rules of attending a formal event. Whether a grand ceremony of countless beautiful faces (the last good one I attended was ...
America in the year of our Lord 2018.
Knox County, Tennessee, elected Glenn Jacobs as its new mayor last weekend. He is a self-described libertarian, small business owner, a resident of nearly 25 years, and also a seven-foot professional wrestler whose character's family was killed by his half-brother in a ...
In August, 1969, one of the most iconic album covers of all time was shot just outside EMI Studios along Abbey Road, London.John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison—The Beatles, for those of you who grew up listening to Justin ...
You do you, Chris.
Chris Pine, one of the four Famous Chrises, showed up at Comic-Con in San Diego over the weekend wearing what can only be described as the sartorial equivalent of a double-scoop serving of sorbet (peach and orange) taking a well-earned vacation on ...
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