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This classic makes any celebration brighter.
It's very nearly the start of a brand-new decade. Hey, we might even try to make "the roaring' 20s" happen again. And what could roar louder than a glass of champagne emboldened by sugar and bitters? This is one of those old-as-bones ...
The straw-colored drink earned the patronage of French king Louis XIV.
From birthdays to anniversaries, bottles of champagne have become the non-negotiable drink of choice when marking a celebration. But what makes this bubbly beverage worth its place on the table? We take a closer look at the heritage of Dom Pérignon, the ...
It's sunshine and sunsets on ice.
Vibrant and fruity with a clean crisp finish, the new Möet Ice Imperial Rosé, from the historic Champagne house Möet et Chandon, is a welcome addition to the brand's unique range of trendsetting sparkling wines. Similar to its predecessor, Möet Ice Impérial, ...
Although it has the smallest production of all the Grandes Marques, Charles Heidsieck remains one of France’s most iconic Champagne producers.
While many French winemakers have earned global renown, Charles Heidsieck may hold the most colorful history among them, one that has made the founder and his eponymous Champagne world-famous. A year after establishing his winery in Reims, Heidsieck set out for America ...
For starters, there shouldn't be a "pop."
No need to scream "duck" as you wrench out the cork. Jack Mason, a master sommelier at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse in Texas, walks us through the proper method for opening a bottle of bubbly.1. Make sure the bottle is chilled.The bottle of champagne ...
Break out the bubbly with Stephanie Zubiri Crespi, Tippi Tambunting, Alexander Lichaytoo, and more.
With the holidays around the corner, we’ll soon be breaking out the bubbly. We surveyed a few experts on their sparklers of choice for this season and how they would pair them with food.Stephanie Zubiri-CrespiLifestyle Writer and TV HostThere’s nothing I love more ...
Grower Champagnes are the region's new superstars.
For a very long time, I never really thought about where my Champagne came from.  Style, yes. Terroir, no. Négotiant vs. récoltant? Never. I’ll be the first to admit that when presented with a cool, crisp, effervescent, and mineral-rich glass of bubbly ...
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