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There were 1,000 guests from around the world.
Several years ago, my mother and I headed to Iloilo to visit some of the ultra-poor communities of the Philippines, families surviving on less than 25 pesos a day.It was part of the transformation program of International Care Ministries that has changed ...
Hong Kong’s biggest givers gather to help the Philippines’ marginalized communities.
“There are a lot of important events happening in the streets [of Hong Kong],” ICM chairman David Sutherland says with a solemn expression, “but the poor in the Philippines don’t know about what’s going on.” Sutherland opens his data-compacted spiel for the ...
The 109-lot auction is expected to fetch a tidy sum, given the stunning items on the block.
An estimated 3,500 Filipino children are diagnosed with cancer every year, according to a 2014 study in online journal Cancer Control. Of these cases, only 30 percent of the children survive in the long-term. Some of these children will be the beneficiaries ...
When it comes to sustainability and practicality, social enterprises perform better.
Charities and social enterprises have helped improve lives of millions of people. Both are anchored on humanity and compassion, but when it comes to sustainability and practicality, the latter trumps the former. Here is a list of reasons why.According to startup expert ...
'Tis the season to extend a helping hand.
Whether it’s the holiday season or not, giving back should always be part of your personal agenda. There are many ways, both big and small, to do that: taking a day to volunteer for a cause that you are passionate about, raising ...
Hong Kong's most generous givers gathered to give back to the Philippines' poorest families who are living on less than 50 U.S. cents a day.
Over 600 guests filled the vast banquet hall of the Hong Kong Convention Center for the annual Hong Kong gala hosted by International Care Ministries (ICM). Facing this sea of high-net-worth individuals were three beautiful girls, Jane, Nica, and Rizzel, each one ...
Net proceeds from the play will benefit 14 different charities.
It’s rare to see an actor play the same role twice, decades apart.For Raymond (or “RS”) Francisco, it’s been 28 years since he last put on Song Liling’s silk kimono for the play M. Butterfly.The first time was in 1990, two years ...
The principal dancer of the American Ballet Theatre is bringing eight of her friends to Manila.
When New York-based Filipino-American prima ballerina Stella Abrera heard about the damage brought about by Typhoon Yolanda in 2013, she set up a small charity of her own with the aim of rebuilding a school in Guiuan, Eastern Samar.She called it Steps ...
Margarita Te and Martin Alindogan prove that age is no barrier when it comes to making a difference.
At just 16 and 17 years of age, Margarita Te and Martin Alindogan are helping displaced and disadvantaged Filipino kids find their paths toward brighter futures.The International School Manila students launched their non-profit organization, Save the Kids PH (STK), in 2016.STK pushes ...
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