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Pag-asa island will be turned into a logistics base.
In a move to counter China’s recent activities in the West Philippine Sea, the Armed Forces of the Philippines said it is planning to make improvements and significantly expand the facilities in one of the islands the country currently occupies in the ...
The Philippines is ready to assert itself once again.
The Armed Forces of the Philippines is concentrating its naval and air assets to the West Philippine Sea. According to the National Task Force on the West Philippine Sea, the coast guard and the military has deployed sea assets to Palawan’s waters, ...
It's the biggest China-funded infrastructure project in the Philippines so far.
An ambitious railway project that will link Subic Bay in Zambales to Clark in Pampanga has been signed between the governments of the Philippines and China.China will fund the single-track freight railway project that is estimated to cost $940 million (P45.18 billion) ...
Cavite says it's up to the national government.
Proponents of the $10 billion (P550 billion) were elated when the provincial government of Cavite moved forward with the project by awarding it to a consortium of Filipino and Chinese companies earlier this year. Also read: Is Sharon Cuneta Really A Billionaire? The initial phase ...
China is going into overdrive to restore its reputation.
Magaan na usapan, siksik sa impormasyon at kaalaman. Kilalanin natin ang mga kapatid nating Chinese para sa mas magandang pakikitungo at pagkakaibigan: Wow! China!(Light discussions that are filled with information and knowledge. Get to know our Chinese brothers for better relations and ...
For a bit of history, flavor, and a whole lot of fun, visit Nanjing Fuzimiao. It’s a total sensory assault you wouldn’t want to miss.
While it may be the second, or third largest country on Earth by land area (depends who you ask or the link you click when you Google), China may very well hold the most number of scenic destinations inside its 9.3-plus million ...
What you need to know about Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators or POGOs
If you're wondering why there are so so many mainland Chinese nationals taking up residence all over the Philippines these days, it's because many of them have been brought here by Philippine offshore gaming operators (POGOs), the online casino industry that may soon ...
China's magical landscapes are out-of-this-world amazing.
When potential travelers think of China as a destination, many consider the usual touristy places such as the Great Wall or the Forbidden Palace. These places are always crowded. What many people don't realize is that China also has some of the ...
The surge in Chinese property buyers has led to higher price tags and rental rates all over the region.
There’s been some talk recently on how the Philippines’ stronger relations with China under the current administration have affected the country. While some of these situations are complicated (to say the least), others are relatively more straightforward.One of those more straightforward influences ...
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