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Outgoing leader shares his thoughts.
President Rodrigo Duterte on Independence Day said he wanted to visit the West Philippine Sea as a civilian after he leaves Malacañang, emphasizing the need to assert "what is ours."The outgoing leader expressed his desire to join the Philippine Coast Guard in ...
The tomb of the mysterious monarch can be found in Dezhou to this day.
There's a lot to be said about the tensions between China and the Philippines right now, especially when it comes to territorial disputes and alleged instances of racism. But faithful Sino-Filipino relations have long been a trademark of our collective peoples for ...
More world leaders greet presumptive president.
Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated presumptive president Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. in a phone call, Beijing's Embassy in Manila said Wednesday.Xi called Marcos Jr. "a builder, supporter, and promoter of the China-Philippines friendship" during the Wednesday morning phone conversation, according to the embassy."Xi congratulated ...
This is how much they will be compensated.
In June 2019, a Philippine fishing boat was sunk by a Chinese vessel. The latter rammed it, leaving 22 Filipino fishermen struggling for their lives. Luckily, a Vietnamese vessel was nearby and rescued the drowning fishermenNearly three years after the incident, the ...
Could Taiwan be the next Ukraine?
While the world’s attention is fixed squarely on the Russian missiles targeting Ukraine, tension might also be brewing halfway across the world in China and Taiwan. The Washington Post revealed that a Chinese state-owned media group accidentally published censorship guidelines on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. ...
The brand is partnering with Meralco.
Chinese carmaker BYD recently announced its partnership with Meralco subsidiary eSakay, Inc. for the latter’s Green Mobility Program, which will use the brand’s electric vehicle (EV) models, the BYD e2 and T3. The electrification of eSakay’s vehicle fleet is all part of ...
China used Voldemort to belittle U.S. democracy. 
As 100 of the world’s countries gathered in a virtual Summit for Democracy led by U.S. President Joe Biden, one global power was significantly absent. China was not invited. The Communist Party did not take things very well and insisted it was also ...
The Philippines has found powerful allies in the West Philippine Sea.
Germany, France, Japan, Australia, and Canada have all slammed China and expressed support for the Philippines after China harassed Philippine vessels by bombarding them with powerful water cannons as they tried to resupply the Philippine outpost in Ayungin Shoal this month In a ...
The U.S., on the other hand, is struggling to increase its naval force. 
In 2000, China’s navy battle force ships numbered 110, compared to the 318 warships in the U.S. Navy. Today, China possesses at least 360 warships in its People’s Liberation Army Navy, most of which are stationed in the South China Sea. The ...
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